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Lankaran Theatre has been found in the first decade of 19th century. It played a great role in the development of Azerbaijan National Theatre. There was a strong theatre environment from the first half of 19th century. Hagigat Rzayeva, Munavvar Kalantarli, Hashim Kalantarli, Ismayil Talishinski, Cahan xanim Talishinskaya are the real legends of Lankaran Theatre.

 A lot of schools based on Russian and Azerbaijani languages have been opened in the middle of 19th century. The progressive-minded intellectuals played an important role in the development of literature, education and especially in the improvement of the theatre. Mirza Aziz Aliyev, Teymur Bay Bayramalibayov, Mir Ibrahim Bay Talishinski, Mirza Aziz Aliyev and his son Mirza Aghali Aliyev had a wonderful impact on the improvement of the theatre. They were the most advanced intellectuals of their time period.  They were in contact with the other intellectuals from Baku, Nakchivan, Shamakhi and were trying to implement new ideas, progressive, modern thoughts in Lankaran. By the initiative of Teymur Bay Bayramalibayov and the help of teachers and students, the “Don’t get married” comedy by M.V. Gogol was staged in 1884.

 The theatre specialist A.Ivanov who was in Moscow wrote in his “The theatre plays in Lankaran before 119 years ago” article that “The first play in Lankaran Theatre was prepared by Lankaran intellectuals”.  They staged one part of the “Harm from Intellect” comedy which is written by A.S.Griboyedov, even though it was forbidden to be staged in Russia.

 We need to mention that, there were some other intellectuals from St.Petersburg who participated in the A.S.Griboyedov’s “Harm from Intellect” comedy which was staged in Lankaran theatre. The correspondent from Lankaran published his article about it in the 91 number of “Northern Bee” journal which was published in Petersburg.

 To work in Lankaran, to improve the education and spread the culture was the life goal of a lot of prominent people. The famous Azerbaijan composer M.Magonayev started teaching from September, 1905, and taught Nature, Geography subjects at the 4th formed school. He also created the choir , blowing orchestral instruments and theatrical circles. Besides guys he also involved the school girls to those kind of activities.

 The popular actors, such as Abulfat Vali, Huseyn Arablinski, Huseynqulu Sarabski visited Lankaran in 1906 and left good memories on Lankaran people’s mind. They performed the “Faxraddin’s Trouble” tragedy by Nacaf Bay Vazirov in the Lankaran Theatre.

 The Lankaran Theatre started in 1891 on the 18th of January by staging the “From the fire to the Flame” (“After rain, we suffered from the rainfall”) comedy which is written by N.B.Vazirov. After 41 years, from 1930 this theatre continued working as a Lankaran Musical State Drama Theatre named after H.Arablinski. The Honoured artist Suleyman Salimbayov led this theatre for a long time.

The theatre after changing their status worked as a Lankaran National Theatre from 1949 and named to the honor of H.Arablinski for 25 years. After the “Good Man” comedy by Mirza Ibrahimov the Lankaran theatre started to serve as a State Theatre in 1973, December 6.

The Lankaran State Drama Theatre named after N.B.Vazirov led by the Honoured Art Worker Mabud Ismayilzada from 1973.

The theatre was awarded “The Republic Youth Award” in 1976 for the outstanding job in improving youth aesthetic education and for staging the “Listen to the generations” work by Mikhayilov Musiyenko. There were more than 200 works that have been performed in the last 37 years. There are modern and classic works of Azerbaijan and World dramaturgy in the theatre’s repertory. Besides performing in Azerbaijan, the Lankaran Theatre Actors went to the different foreign countries and successfully participated in International Theatre Festivals.

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